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Halo 4 Sniper Rifle

Halo 4 Weapon Arsenal

Check out these profile views of weapons old and new that are coming to Halo 4. Check out the all new Railgun. The following pictures and descriptions are provided by Game Informer. Assault Rifle DESIGNATION: MA5D Individual Co...
by Tim

Halo 4 Battle Rifle Game Informer Screenshot

High Res Game Informer Screenshots and Artwork

Click the Gallery below to view a slideshow of the all new screenshots released by Game Informer. Multiplayer and Campaign are included.
by Tim

Halo 4 Game Informer Leak 3

Halo 4 Game Informer Leaked

After yesterday’s reveal of the upcoming Master Chief cover for Game Informer magazine, we already have a leak. Click the images below to enlarge the slideshow. For full-size, rightclick each thumbnail and select open lin...
by Tim


Halo Reach DMR

Halo 4 DMR Confirmed

Yesterday during a Halo Sparkast, whether intentional or not, the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) was confirmed to be in Halo 4. Sparkast 11: DMR discussion starts at 26 min Not much was revealed, but the host was heard saying...
by Tim


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