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Halo Bulletin 6.19.14

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Halo: The Master Chief Collection Community Q&A Question: Will Halo: The Master Chief Collection be available for download on the Xbox One Marketplace? -RRUINER Answer: Yes! Access to the li...
by Joe


E3 Halo 5/HD Collection Trailer Analysis p2 – The Flood, The Arbiter, Chief’s Geas, Sanghelios

All Halo E3 videos can be found here, whilst part 1 of this analysis can be found here. Thel’s next line ‘For he is more than the sum of his actions’ seems to reference The Master Chief’s Geas, he is much more than him...
by Scott Devon


Future Halo Games Will Be Named Not Numbered

In a new E3 interview between those at Xbox Magazine and 343 general manager Bonnie Ross, she discusses her dislike for numbering the Halo games. “One of the reasons we’re looking at Guardians – at some poin...
by Scott Devon



E3 Halo 5/HD Collection Trailer Analysis p1 – Halo: Nightfall, Agent Locke, Remastered Cutscenes

All Halo E3 videos can be found here. The trailer begins by revisiting the ‘Return to Sender’ cut scene from Halo 2’s third level, Cairo Station. Compared to the original, visuals are much improved courtesy of C...
by Scott Devon

Sandtrap confirmed

More E3 Conferance Updates

New developments are covered in this post. For the updated main article see here, whilst raw footage can be found here. More H2 Reimaginings Named Once again Franchise Development Director Frank O’conner has been t...
by Scott Devon


BptIObzCEAI8SEy.jpg large

E3 2014 News & Announcements Recap

We have lots of amazing news today!  Spoilers contained within!  To get the best experience, watch the E3 videos here FIRST. For the latest post Microsoft press conformance news see here.   Halo: The Master Chief Colle...
by Joe



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