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2 New Multiplayer Gameplays

Walshy uploaded these two gameplays tonight, Regicide on Haven and Flood mode on Complex. Hope you enjoy. Top Youtube Comment: this game seriously looks like it should be ran on the xbox 720… Regicide on Haven Flood Mod...
by Tim


Halo Bulletin 10.3.12 (Flood and Abandon)

Read the full bulletin here Halo 4 goes gold Gold Halo 4 wallpaper, made by the amazing minolta1034 Gold Halo 4 wallpaper, made by the amazing minolta1034 486 days ago at E3 2011, we introduced Halo 4 to the world, lifting the ...
by Tim

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 2.01.08 PM

Flood Mode Walthrough

Along with the new map, IGN just released this walkthrough of Flood mode. Discuss it in the forums
by Tim



New Adrift and Exile Gameplay

The new gameplays are flooding in today, this time from BukTwenty. Infinity Slayer on Adrift Flood Mode on Exile Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim


Full Flood Mode Gameplay

BilzozANinja, the guy who brought us the two Complex videos, now has a full length gameplay of Flood mode. It is pretty decent quality so I hope you enjoy. Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim



Ragnarok Map and Flood Mode In-Game

Thanks to the HaloCouncil and EnglishHaloBlog for posting these screenshots from a Halo 4 UK Event. Ragnarok According to the HaloCouncil, the new map is called Ragnarok. 343i has told us that there will be a remake map debu...
by Tim



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