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New Forge World Details!

I know many of you have been dying for more forge gameplay, so here it is! In this Gamespot exclusive we are given our first look at the second out of three environments, the outer-space Impact environment. Check the gallery b...

Map Walkthroughs and Gameplay

DMC_Ryan tweeted that starting tomorrow, IGN will have a different Halo 4 map tour every Tuesday and Thursday for all 10 multiplayer maps. Get Excited. I saw these two gameplays on the Waypoint forums and thought you guys would...
by Tim


Untouchable Perfection Gameplay (29-0)

KingHaloCinemas uploaded these two gameplays of Infinity Slayer on Haven. There are some great clips, hopefully you can look past the zoomed in camera footage. Overkill Extermination with Sticky Detonator! Untouchable Perfectio...
by Tim



CTF and Flood Gameplay

Two more gameplays coming right at you.  Thanks to KingHaloCinemas Capture the Flag on Solace Flood on Complex Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim


Your Questions Answered (Gamespot)

Gamespot released this 50 minute long video showcasing Campaign and Multiplayer gameplay. Most of the gameplay is old, but it serves as a refresher for those who may not be as caught up with the news. Possible Campaign Spoilers...
by Tim



Full Flood Mode Gameplay

BilzozANinja, the guy who brought us the two Complex videos, now has a full length gameplay of Flood mode. It is pretty decent quality so I hope you enjoy. Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim



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