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20 Gameplay Videos

Hey guys, today the embargo was lifted for multiplayer gameplay so here is a playlist of videos. Thanks to Bluntman for posting these gameplays
by Tim


Dominion Gameplay Commentary

Bravo uploaded this gameplay commentary of Dominion on the map Longbow. Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim


A Handful of Gameplays

Since the quality of these video is mediocre I figured I would save up enough of them to make up for it. I’m beginning to get tired of off-screen gameplays so I can only imagine you guys are too. Hope you can still enjo...
by Tim


halo 4 exile

Infinity Slayer on Exile

Tim Lyons uploaded this gameplay of Infinity Slayer on the map Exile. The footage is fairly clear and displays good use of the many power weapons. Speed Boost 3:20 Binary Rifle 4:10 Scorpion 5:08 Banshee 6:40 Ordinance Suicide ...
by Tim


NYCC Ragnarok Gameplay

IGN uploaded these two videos, one from the NYCC and the other from the Australian Black Beta. The gameplay is off-screen, but I hope you can still enjoy. Ragnarok Gameplay Black Beta Wrap Up Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim


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More PAX Gameplays

Thanks to BravoMLG and theHaloCouncil Youtube Channels for uploading these PAX gameplays. CTF on Exile [Direct Footage] Light Rifle and Hologram Gameplay Walshy Gameplay: Starts at 3:52  
by Tim



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