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Spartan Ops: Episode 3

Episode three of Spartan Ops is now available to play online, check out the full cutscene from it here. Discuss it in the forums
by Tim

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Quick Tips: Predicting Ordinance Drops

If you have been having trouble figuring out how the random ordinance drops work, check out this quick tips video from the HaloCouncil. Discuss it in the forums
by Tim

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Spartan Ops Episode 2 Trailer

Waypoint recently released the trailer for the release of the secong episode of spartan ops. If you still have yet to play the first episode, I recommend doing it. Discuss it in the forums
by Tim



Awesome Streaks and Sprees

The Youtube Halo community has been busy wreaking¬†havoc¬†in the War Games lobbies. Check out some of the sweet clips they have posted. Also please send me your screenshots for the contest! I don’t have any submissions ye...
by Tim


My War Games Impressions

Hey everyone, it has been one full day since Halo 4 officially launched and I just thought I would check in. I’ve been loving every second of it, as I sure most of you guys are too. People have been wondering what I think...
by Tim



Full Impact Forge Overview

Here is an in-depth overview of forge with the long time veteran, Ducain23. He gives us a great look at the Impact forge environment, which takes place on and between two suspended asteroids. Discuss it in the forums
by Tim



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