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Halo: Escalation #8 Available Now

Available today 7/23/14 you can purchase Halo: Escalation #8.  This issue is available digitally from Dark Horse for $3.99 A print copy can be obtained here for $3.59 + shipping costs. Summary: The Master Chief returns in ...
by Joe


Weekly Matchmaking Playlist Update – Big Team SWAT

Big Team SWAT has returned to the rotational playlist spot.  This game type is live now and will run through August 3rd. This 16-player, Featured Playlist was last seen in January and of course includes larger maps and many he...
by Joe

Team DLC

Team DLC is Halo 4′s new featured playlist

Halo 4′s Team DLC playlist has returned with various 4v4 gamemodes encompassing; Team Infinity Slayer Team Slayer Pro Capture the Flag SWAT Oddball King of the Hill Team Regicide Extraction 1-Site Small Extraction Snipers...
by Scott


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E3 2014 Videos

Watch the Halo E3 video clips here from Microsoft’s 6.9.14 press conference: IGN Interview with 343 Industries Frank O’Connor and Dan Ayoub   Watch the entire Microsoft Press Conference – Halo section beg...
by Scott


Halo Bulletin 6.4.14

Read the full Halo Bulletin here Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about E3. You’re excited, we’re excited, and we can finally say that E3 2014 is less than five days away. Some members of the team are already i...
by Joe



Throwback Thursday – News we missed earlier

Hey guys! Halo4Nation missed out on some great news items while Tim was busy with college finals and managing the DestinyNews site. In case you missed them too, Scott and I are sharing some of our favorite highlights. CAPTAIN A...
by Joe



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