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Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Live – Team Objective and Proving Ground Changes

  343 Industries’ Community Manager, Bravo, has revealed Halo 4’s latest matchmaking update. This sees the return of the Team Objective playlist, with more forge maps and simplified voting. The options now lo...
by Scott Devon


NECA Master Chief Action Figure available in October

Today NECA released several images of their upcoming 18″ Master Chief action figure that’s due for release in October 2014. It will have over 30 points of articulation and include “game-accurate accessories.&#...
by Joe


Cortana Chip Light-Up Keychain Now Available

Cortana’s never dead if you own this awesome blue light-up key chain! While announced a few months back and available for pre-order on numerous sites, they have now started shipping and are “In Stock” on Enter...
by Joe



Halo 4 Matchmaking update now live – Extraction

343 Industries have launched this week’s matchmaking update, making the rarely encountered Extraction gametype available for a while before its removal again. The extraction playlist will feature the gametypes:  Extra...
by Scott Devon


Weekly Matchmaking Playlist Update – Community Forge Race

  Following its announcement in last weeks bulletin,  the Community Forge Race playlist is now live on Halo 4.  This will remain active until Sunday August 17th, whilst hosting these tracks, also available for downl...
by Scott Devon



Halo: Escalation #8 Available Now

Available today 7/23/14 you can purchase Halo: Escalation #8.  This issue is available digitally from Dark Horse for $3.99 A print copy can be obtained here for $3.59 + shipping costs. Summary: The Master Chief returns in ...
by Joe



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