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Halo Bulletin 10.16.14 – Assault on the Controller Settings

Written by Bravo. There have been several times during the development of Halo: The Master Chief Collection where it “hit me.” I’ve seen forum threads and posts across the internet about this phenomenon, where the excitem...
by Joe


Halo Bulletin 10.8.14

Written by Bravo. Outside of the studio, the Pacific Northwest days have begun to get shorter and colder. Within the studio, our days have instead gotten much longer as we push towards the release of Halo: The Master Chief Coll...
by Joe


Halo Bulletin 9.24.14

Written by Bravo. Hello, friends! I’m out of the studio this week – visiting home and spending far too many hours on cross-country commercial aircraft – but had to take the time to say hello to all of you. As I sp...
by Joe



Halo Bulletin 9.17.14

Written by Bravo. Over the past few weeks, you’ve been asking to see more of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. You’ve asked for footage from each game, glorious Gungoose gameplay, and (lots) more. Just today, we released a...
by Joe


Halo Bulletin 8.27.14

Written by Bravo. PAX Prime is upon us, which means we have a busy weekend ahead, and so do you. PAX Prime, the primest of the Penny Arcade Expos, starts this Friday, and we’re looking forward to the masses of gaming fans mak...
by Joe



Halo Bulletin 8.21.14

Written by Bravo. We have returned from the world’s largest game show. We gave you a brand new look at Halo 2: Anniversary, and if you were with us in Germany, you likely got hands on with the all-new multiplayer. We braved a...
by Joe



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