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Spartan Laser Gameplay and PAX Update

Click the buttons to watch each video Pax Panel Update Rob Semsey announced on twitter that there will be a PAX Halo 4 Panel at 5:30 Pacific Time. An “epic” 10 minute Vidoc debut. Hopefully someone posts it online...
by Tim

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New Helmet Spotted

This news isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but if you saw the UNSC weapons video you may have noticed a new helmet. Speculation on the waypoint forums pointed towards this being the new ODST helmet, although it could be some...
by Tim

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Unseen Armor Abilities

After E3 and RTX, 343 revealed five armor abilities that will be playable in multiplayer. • Active Camo • Thruster Pack • Promethean Vision • Hologram • Hardlight Shield A few months back we spotted two more armor ...
by Tim


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UNSC Shotgun Gameplay

Here is a short clip of the new UNSC shotgun in a multiplayer gameplay. It also looks as though the player is using a jetpack of some sort because they seem to be too high for a normal jump. Sorry for the music. Discuss it in t...
by Tim

Halo 4 Warhouse

Halo 4 Multiplayer Advice From THF

The following ideas are from a Halo 4 thread on The Halo Forums website. There are many key ideas this writing touches on that I think should be implemented in Halo 4. Let me know how you guys feel about these suggestions in th...
by Tim


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