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Halo Bulletin 9.19.12 (Covenant Weapons and Limited Editions)

Original Bulletin Here 1280×720, 1920×1080 Our eyes are bloodshot, our work areas are full of empty energy drink cans, and our beds have filed a formal request to spend more than two hours per night with us. Our spir...
by Tim

Halo 4 Vangaurd

UNSC Vanguard

Digital Noob posted this article about the Gaems UNSC Vanguard. Full article here Thanks to user Shane for linking me to the article. Specs Only available for preorder on Amazon, the PGE has the following features: Integrated 1...
by Tim


Limited Edition and Season Pass Details

Microsoft previously announced that the each purchase of a Halo 4 Limited Edition game will come with in-game and Xbox Live digital content. They have just announced exactly what the digital content is; read below. Specific...
by Tim



Halo 4 Limited Edition Images

For those of you who plan on, or have already pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Halo 4, here are new images of what to expect. Source: Gameranx What’s Included • Halo 4 game in steel-book case • Free access to War Ga...
by Tim


New Editions of Halo 4 to Come?

A while back, 343i stated that there will not be a Legendary Edition release of Halo 4, instead just a limited and standard edition. While I believe this news is set in stone, BS Angel seemed to hint at more possible Halo 4 bra...
by Tim


Halo 4 Limited Edition Cover

Halo 4 Limited Edition

The Halo 4 limited edition is now available for pre-order. With this pre-order will include things like DLC maps, an Infinity briefing packet and much more. 343i has announced that there will only be two editions released, the ...
by Tim


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