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Spartan Laser Preview

On top of those leaked screenshots by JuryBen from earlier, here is a short clip of the Spartan Laser on the map Longbow. Source: The video is unlisted so that hopefully it wont be taken down. Discuss it in our forum
by Tim


New Longbow Gameplay

Three different games on the “big non-symmetrical” Longbow map. Many different weapons are used in these games, and they all look somewhat balanced.   Also check out these images: Tactical Package List Halo 4...
by Tim

Longbow Dusk Skyline

Multiplayer Time of Day Setting?

The user Crossfire on the noticed that the images of the map Longbow in this week’s Bulletin differ slightly from the screenshots at E3. The E3 screenshots feature an orange tinted sky, with a dark starry at...
by Tim



Halo Bulletin 6.28.12 (Longbow Map)

This week’s bulletin discussed a few things one being the new Longbow Map, and the other being next week’s RTX. I posted the Longbow map details from the bulletin below. Check out the full bulletin here Longbow From...
by Tim

Spartan firing at Knight with Hardlight Shield

Longbow Map and more High Res Screenshots

14 new screenshots as courtesy of GameInformer. Longbow is the large, snowy map and it is looking sharp. The locations with the molten lava environment are from a Spartan Ops mission. The final image just stuns me with how much...
by Tim


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