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The Master Chief

Prepare to Drop – Microsoft Interns launch The Master Chief into space

  One of our dearest fictional friends is being launched into space. Guess who? #gonimbus — Xbox (@Xbox) August 8, 2014 Microsoft interns are currently launching ...
by Scott Devon


Halo: Escalation #8 Available Now

Available today 7/23/14 you can purchase Halo: Escalation #8.  This issue is available digitally from Dark Horse for $3.99 A print copy can be obtained here for $3.59 + shipping costs. Summary: The Master Chief returns in ...
by Joe


Master Chief Be@rbrick figure coming Sept 2014

Earlier today on Halo Waypoint, Bravo announced a new Master Chief figure coming this fall.  It’s called a Be@rbrick, and the series of figures are wildly popular in Japan. Bonnie Ross (343i Studio Head) first posted a p...
by Joe


master chief motorcycle helmet

Official Master Chief motorcycle helmet available in 2015

So you say “When I pick up my copy of Halo 5: Guardians I want to do it in STYLE!” Well here’s your chance. While currently only in the prototype phase, NECA (National Entertainment Collectible Association) is partnered w...
by Joe


Eurogamer interview sheds light on Halo 5 plot

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, 343i General Manager Bonnie Ross shares more details about Halo 5: Guardians. She says the new Spartan character, Agent Jameson Locke, will play a “key role” in the game and that Halo: ...
by Joe



Halo 4 Live-Action Trailer Annouced

Here is some Halo 4 marketing news that I am very excited about. Announced in a press release earlier today, we learned that next Thursday (10/18) during the Jimmy Fallon Show, there will be a 2-minute live action trailer title...
by Tim



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