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Flood Mode

Flood Mode Gameplay on Complex

I’m in class right now, but luckily am still able to post this sweet footage. Here is the first off-screen gameplay of the new Flood mode on the map Complex. Thanks to EagleBurn on Reddit for posting the link. Discuss it ...
by Tim


Regicide and CTF on Complex

Check out this off-screen Regicide gameplay from the new map Complex. Thanks to RoyalxMoon on r/Halo for pointing it out. And thanks to BilzozANinja on youtube for uploading. Regicide CTF Discuss it in the forums
by Tim


Mantis Playable in Multiplayer

I hope this isn’t a spoiler for anyone, but the all new Mantis (Mech), looks like it will be usable in multiplayer! Thanks to EagleBurn on Reddit for posting this screenshot. Flood Loadouts Also it looks like there will...
by Tim


Complex Map

New Map, Flood Mode, and More Screenshots

The Waypoint link is currently down at this point, but later there will be more screenshots to come. Thanks to Renegade Wo1f for posting these awesome shots. Here we get a better look at Campaign, Spartan OPs, Flood Mode, and t...
by Tim


Campaign, War Games, Spartan Ops Footage

You may recognize some of these Gametrailers clips from the past weekend, but here they are in all their HD glory. Thanks to MrAvakstone92 for uploading, and Reddit user Lawlex for posting about it. Campaign Footage War Games...
by Tim


Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 12.59.08 AM

3 PAX Prime Gameplays

Podtacular has been uploading PAX gameplays for the past two weeks, I checked back today and was pleasantly surprised to see these new ones. Enjoy. Haven Regicide [Game 2] (Suppressor) Exile CTF [Game 3] (Thruster Pack) Exile C...
by Tim


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