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Flood Mode Walthrough

Along with the new map, IGN just released this walkthrough of Flood mode. Discuss it in the forums
by Tim

New Map Complex?

Tons on New War Games Footage

Here are a bunch of gameplays, the majority being off-screen. I am starting to lose track of which ones I have already posted, but I believe most of these to be new. Thanks to RAY iz RaMb0 on Waypoint for compiling these. Dom...
by Tim


Frankie Interview + Gameplay

Frank O’Connor of 343 gives an interview with OutsideXbox about Master Chief, Cortana, and the Halo 4 enemies. The second video is a match of Infinity slayer on the map Solace. The quality isn’t very good, but still...
by Tim



New Adrift and Exile Gameplay

The new gameplays are flooding in today, this time from BukTwenty. Infinity Slayer on Adrift Flood Mode on Exile Discuss it in the Forums
by Tim


GAMES12 Dubai Gameplays

I was made aware that this past weekend Halo 4 was playable at the Games12 expo in Dubai. Here are two separate gameplays (off-screen), of the carnage. The first gameplay is really fun to watch, a great player with interestin...
by Tim


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PAX Spartan Ops Gameplay

Since PAX flooded everyone with CTF gameplays, it is nice to have a change of pace and see some Spartan Ops footage. This gameplay is a couple days old, but I just saw a post about it on the forums. Thanks to Nevin Douglas on Y...
by Tim



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