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GTTV Exclusive Content Tomorrow

This Thursday night,  Game Trailers TV will be premiering all new Halo 4 gameplay and info. We will see new Campaign, War Games Multiplayer, and Spartan Ops footage, so get excited! 1am ET/12C on Spike TV Check out the Promo...
by Tim

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Unseen Armor Abilities

After E3 and RTX, 343 revealed five armor abilities that will be playable in multiplayer. • Active Camo • Thruster Pack • Promethean Vision • Hologram • Hardlight Shield A few months back we spotted two more armor ...
by Tim


New Toys Showoff Enemy Classes

These new toys were spotted on the BigBadToyStore website by Flawless Cowboy. These are not the toys themselves, but in my opinion still look really cool. Storm Jackal These Jackals look like dinosaurs wearing armor..and I love...
by Tim



Halo 4 at Comic Con 2012

Comic Con Fiction Panel Leaked Motion Capture Cutscreen [Spoilers?] Longbow Gameplay [Over-the-shoulder] Thanks to the Halo Council for posting these notes that were taken during the Halo 4 panel at Comic Con (subject to change...
by Tim


Big Halo 4 News On Conan Tomorrow

oday Waypoint released a tweet letting everyone know there will be big halo 4 news on tomorrow night’s Conan. What this news is referring to is unclear, but I hope to see Campaign and Multiplayer gameplay; or at least scr...
by Tim


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