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New UNSC Weapons (Halo Bulletin 8.8.12)

Watch the weapon videos here Much like past Halo games, the UNSC weapons in Halo 4 are meant to be grounded in modern day tech. They tend to be purpose built with function superseding aesthetics. There are a couple reasons for ...
by Tim

Halo 4 Railgun

Leaked Screenshots: Railgun & Spartan Laser

The Halo Council saw that Juryben posted these leaked images on Neogaf. The first image shows the all new railgun, while the second image shows the return of the spartan laser. The images do not look fully rendered, meaning tha...
by Tim

Master Chieff with Railgun

Halo Bulletin 5.25.12 (Railgun Specs)

This weeks Halo Bulletin focused primarily on helping us get to know the new Railgun a little bit better. Its full name is theĀ ARC-920 Railgun and requires it be charged before firing, similar to the Spartan Laser except in ab...
by Tim


Halo 4 Sniper Rifle

Halo 4 Weapon Arsenal

Check out these profile views of weapons old and new that are coming to Halo 4. Check out the all new Railgun. The following pictures and descriptions are provided by Game Informer. Assault Rifle DESIGNATION: MA5D Individual Co...
by Tim


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