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RTX 2014 Grifball Championship video

Are you a fan of Grifball?  If so, check out the video below of the RTX 2014 Griffball Championship Finals that were played in Austin, TX on July 6, 2014. Available on YouTube, Twitch’s “Goldenboy” and Grifb...
by Joe


Halo Bulletin 7.10.14

Written by Bravo. There are only three weeks between E3 and the Rooster Teeth Expo, which means we always have to do a bit of hustlin’ (no, not that type of hustlin’) to get ready to come and see everyone in Austin. This ye...
by Joe

Halo4Nation Update

RTX Wrap-Up

Here’s an RTX special edition of the weekly wrap-up that’ll be updated as new articles are released. Raw RTX videos (Update)  Concept Art Gallery 343 Industries’ RTX Panel Summary     Support Halo4...
by Scott Devon



RTX Panel Summary

Today’s Halo RTX panel featured Max Hoberman, original  Halo 2 developer with Bungie, come Halo 2: Anniversary developer with Certain Affinity. Hoberman was joined by 343 members such as the host, thier community...
by Scott Devon


RTX Concept Art Gallery

In amongst today’s other Halo news from RTX, 343 Industries showed the initial designs for three classic Halo maps, plus Coagulation concept art.    See all RTX Articles   Support Halo4Nation – Whitelist...
by Scott Devon



RTX Videos (Update)

Located here will be the raw Halo related RTX videos once released.             See All RTX Articles here   Support Halo4Nation – Whitelist the site  For daily Halo News: H4N on Fac...
by Scott Devon



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