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3.3.15 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Content Update Notes

Below, find the patch notes from 343 Industries on their large content update.  This is something they’ve been working on for months, and it should greatly improve the game. The next time you log into Halo: The Master Ch...
by Joe

Our favorite Spartans are back and better than ever before!

‘Rise of the Spartans’ Machinima gets Director’s Cut Edition

For those who didn’t know yet, famous Halo: Reach machinima series Rise of the Spartans is getting a “Director’s Cut” edition, with its main goal being the amelioration of dialogues. It also features e...
by Max


Halo Community Update 2.27.15

Bravo’s latest update via Halo Waypoint shows there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us waiting patiently for the large Content Update that was promised.  343i reversed their decision on community te...
by Joe



GamesRadar Interviews Frank O’Connor about Halo 5: Guardians

Recently GamesRadar has conducted an interview  with Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries. They covered aspects of Halo ranging from Halo’s core, Innovation, Master Chief’s identity and Agent Locke. An interesti...
by Shane


Twitch Plays Halo: Combat Evolved

Twitch Stream Twitch Plays Halo: Combat Evolved has begun. In four hours, Master Chief escaped The Pillar of Autumn and is currently teabagging and glitching through the ground of instillation 04. With the erratic movement expe...
by Scott Devon


Halo : Escalation #15 cover art

Halo: Escalation #15 Revealed

February’s issue of Halo: Escalation has been revealed by publisher, Dark Horse. Its description reads as follows: On a treacherous planet, the UNSC Infinity battles the bloodthirsty Covenant for control of the Janus Key—an...
by Max



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