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H2A Elite Armor

Halo 2: Anniversary Elite Armor Screenshot

This image is presumably from PAX, though very little other details are known at this time.  It’s speculated that the armor selection is only for Halo 2: Anniversary, as that’s whats shown at the top of the screen ...
by Joe


PAX Prime Wrap-up

Every piece of Halo news from PAX Prime will be linked here when available. The Master Chief Collection will utilise Xbox One’s Impulse Triggers The Long awaited Halo 2: Anniversary Forge Gameplay & Details 343 Indust...
by Scott

Xbox One Controller

The Master Chief Collection will utilise Xbox One’s Impulse Triggers

343 Industries’ Executive producer Dan Ayoub has confirmed via Twitter that the Master Chief Collection will actually make use of the Xbox One Controller’s Impulse triggers. Exactly how these will be integrated into Halo g...
by Scott



Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Live – Squad DLC and Dominion Heavies

As announced in last Thursday’s Halo Bulletin, the next Halo 4 matchmaking update has been rolled out two days early, in celebration of this weekend’s PAX Prime. The Squad DLC playlist is now available until Sept...
by Scott

forge 5

Halo 2: Anniversary Forge News

343 Industries also touched on a bit of long awaited Halo 2: Anniversary Forge news.   Find all the weekend’s Halo news in the PAX Prime Wrap-Up.   For daily Halo news: H4N on Twitter/Facebook For all recen...
by Scott


sound renewed

343 Industries detail Halo 2: Anniversary’s Sound at PAX Prime

  343 Industries have given some further details regarding Halo 2: Anniversary’s sound in their PAX Prime panel today. To start, the new music will be re-mastered by Sky walker sound. The music, along with every ot...
by Scott



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