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Full Master Chief Collection Panel Released

The complete Master Chief Collection panel from Comic-Con 2014 has finally been released via 343 Industries’ YouTube channel.     See the full Comic-Con Wrap-Up for all news.   For daily Halo news: H4N...
by Scott

Halo ce level

New 97 Minute Halo:CE Speedrun World Record

Canadian Speedrunner Andrew ‘goatrope’ Halabourda has set a new world record for Halo: Combat Evolved on PC. In a Twitch live stream yesterday, he completed the full campaign on Legendary with only seven deaths and a...
by Scott


H4N Weekly Wrap-up : Week 30, 2014

If you missed anything, last week’s summary is here. Monday: Weekly Matchmaking Playlist Update – Big Team SWAT Tuesday:    Wednesday:  Halo: Escalation #11 Announced Halo Bulletin 7.23.14  Thursday:  Fu...
by Scott



Leaked videos from SDCC Master Chief Collection panel

Microsoft teased us with a trailer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but leaked gameplay footage of the collection has made its way onto the internet, offering us a bit more of a tease. An off-screen video was recorded dur...
by Joe


Comic-Con Wrap-Up (update)

Here’s a Comic-Con special edition of the weekly wrap-up that’ll be updated as new articles are released. Halo: Nightfall Trailer Released Agent Locke is a Playable Protagonist In Halo 5: Guardians Comic-Con Halo: N...
by Scott



Full Halo: Nightfall Panel Released

The complete Halo: Nightfall panel from Comic-Con 2014 has been released via the official Halo channel.     See the full Comic-Con Wrap-Up for all news.   For daily Halo news: H4N on Twitter/Facebook Feel fre...
by Scott



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