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Lockout Loading Screen

Improved H2:A Loading Screen reveals Lockout’s New Name

As attendees flock to play Halo 2 Anniversary at PAX Prime, one has shared an image of what appears to be the game’s loading screen. This one displays prior to a Lockout match, complete with the map’s layout, de...
by Scott


PAX Prime Wrap-up

Every piece of Halo news from PAX Prime will be linked here when available, stay tuned. New H2:A Loading Screen reveals Lockout’s New Name Lockout Confirmed for H2:A – New details and images All PAX Prime Videos &n...
by Scott


All PAX Prime Videos

Find all this weekend’s Halo news in the PAX Prime Wrap-Up, whilst all footage will be collected here when available, stay tuned. Lockout Fly through Lockout Gameplay   For daily Halo news: H4N on Twitter/Facebo...
by Scott



Lockout Confirmed for H2:A [Video]

Following Halo’s Development Director Frank O’Conner teasing the map’s inclusion via NeoGAF way back at E3, Lockout has now been officially confirmed for Halo 2: Anniversary, though under a brand new name....
by Scott


Games For Gold – Halo Reach Free

According to Larry Hryb or Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, on his blog, Halo: Reach will become free from December 16th. The 2010 title, usually costing $24.99, will be available to download at no cost until September 30th. ...
by Scott



Halo Bulletin 8.27.14

Written by Bravo. PAX Prime is upon us, which means we have a busy weekend ahead, and so do you. PAX Prime, the primest of the Penny Arcade Expos, starts this Friday, and we’re looking forward to the masses of gaming fans mak...
by Joe



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