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Halo: Escalation re-caps from “Halo Canon”

Are you interested in the Halo: Escalation stories but don’t have the money to buy the comics?  In case you didn’t know, community member Toa_Freak has a fantastic Youtube channel called “Halo Canon” wh...
by Joe


Halo: Escalation #21 cover art unveiled

The new cover for Halo: Escalation issue #21 by Dark Horse Comics is revealed. “The Absolute Record” part 3—As Commander Palmer’s Spartan team battles toward the core of the Absolute Record, a powerful new c...
by Joe


343’s Halo Community Update 5.12.15

343’s Community Manager, Bravo, provides an update for a variety of topics on Halo Waypoint. As we get closer and closer to the end of May, the weeks start to blend together. The days get longer, news and announcements sl...
by Joe


Halo Spartan Strike

Halo: Spartan Strike Soundtrack Released

The Halo: Spartan Strike soundtrack released after the game last month. It is available to download from the standard places like Xbox Music and iTunes, for around $9.99. Its composer, Tom Salta also worked on scores for Halo C...
by Scott Devon

A civilian gold warthog.

Hunt The Truth “Episode 07. WHO’S LISTENING”

Episode 7 of “Hunt The Truth” Past episodes: Episode 00. PRIMER Episode 01. A HAIRLINE FRACTURE Episode 02. BAD RECORDS Episode 03. CRITICAL CONDITION Episode 04. CROSSING THE BLACK Episode 05. OUT OF TIME Episode 0...
by Max


Halo 5 box art

Halo 5 Limited Edition Boxes Revealed

Images of the Halo 5: Guardian’s Limited Edition boxes have surfaced today via Gamestop Italy.  There’s no confirmation these are official/final, but they look real enough. The Limited Edition will run $99.99USD an...
by Joe



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