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June 25, 2012

Submit Your Halo Clips


Hey everyone, I plan on buying an HD Game Capture in the near future to record my game clips and videos. This gives me the awesome opportunity to ask you guys as the community for your Halo clips.

The clips will be uploaded to my Youtube channel RoverDover24, so I suggest subscribing.

Click Here for my Channel


Clip Requirements

• Must be a fail, funny, or amazing.

• An original clip; has not been uploaded to a different channel except your own

• Make sure it is good

• Can be multiplayer or campaign

• Must be a Halo Reach or Halo 3 clip


How to Submit Reach: Non-Youtube

After you record your clip in Theater. Go into the Reach File Browser in the menus. Then select Local Files, and then Films and Clips.

Find your clip and when its name is highlighted, press X for file options.

Now select the Upload to File Share button

Go to the Waypoint website, and sign-in using your Windows live ID. Once signed in select the white arrow beside your gamertag.

From the drop down menu select File Share

Click the films tab to see your clips. Copy and paste the URL of your films file share into an email to me (Halo4Nation@gmail.com).

Email me with your file share URL at Halo4Nation@gmail.com 

In the email: The topic should read Halo Clip. In the body, along with the link url, write the title of the clip I should look at, as well as a short description of the clip in the video.


How to submit Halo 3 and Reach: Youtube

If your awesome clip is already somewhere on Youtube, just send the video link to my email at Halo4Nation@gmail.com


Let me know if you have any questions, have fun.



  • like a boss

    so its kinda like roosterteeths’ “fails of the weak’ but by you and on your website. thats a good idea! but what about when halo 4 comes out?

    • halo4nation

      Yea kind of, except amazing plays are accepted too. I was actually starting this right now because I wanted the channel to grow a little more so that when Halo 4 comes around we will have more people to submit sweet Halo 4 clips

  • http://halo4nation.com/ spencer hodges

    I like the concept but yea what about when halo 4 comes? will you be taking submitted pictures?

    • halo4nation

      When Halo 4 comes out the same thing will apply, I’ll be asking for your cool screenshots and clips

      • http://halo4nation.com/ spencer hodges

        YEAAAAAAAAAAAAUUHH (first thing spiderman and venom skin + armor LOL) and im just wondering but why does it say mod next to your name Tim?

        • http://halo4nation.com/ spencer hodges

          ooooh!! nvm i see why it means moderator, gah im friggin retawded

  • Dejay218

    Campaign also?

    • halo4nation

      Sure! as long as it meets the criteria

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.sciarrillo James Brooks Sciarrillo

    I hope ALL of my videos get top rated :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.sciarrillo James Brooks Sciarrillo

    Wait how am I a Moderator Tim ? LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.sciarrillo James Brooks Sciarrillo

    I hope you keep me as MOD don’t worry I won’t Abuse my powers ! lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.sciarrillo James Brooks Sciarrillo

    Aww I lost my Moderator status

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.sciarrillo James Brooks Sciarrillo

    Weird every time I comment it say’s MOD then goes away

  • http://twitter.com/ChaunceyRC Chauncey Clark

    Great website!!! can’t wait to send some Halo 4 vid’s

  • Raxs

    Aw! I Wish i didn’t miss this! D:

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